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It may be impossible for you to get to your usual Action for Elders exercise classes and so we have launched a programme of online exercises to help you keep mobile and active under the title Balanced Lives online exercises.

Our Balanced Lives instructors have created a great selection of courses, ranging from 5 minute workouts, through exercises and breathing that can be done seated at home, all the way through to full workouts.

As with any exercises or exercise programmes, make sure you consult with a medical professional if there is any doubt about your suitability to take part.

Breathing exercises

Breathing exercises that can be done by anyone

Seated exercises

Exercises to build strength for those who are unable to stand for long …


Full exercise programmes……

5 minute workouts

When you only have a moment to move….


Activity for a better life in old age……


Helping you to keep flexible and moving…

Sponsor your exercise

Why not raise money for older people as you exercise. Track your programme and raise funds at the same time.

Get in touch with Action for Elders with your suggestions and we will help you raise funds and keep healthy at the same time

Donate to our emergency appeal

If you prefer just to make a donation, help us raise £10,000 in our emergency appeal and keep our good work for older people going.

Breathing exercises

Breathing well is good in its own right, but better still when it becomes the basis of all your activity.

These exercises will help you to breathe harmoniously and without effort at any time and in any place with the benefit of reduced anxiety and increased wellbeing.

How to keep lungs healthy - breathing exercises

David Lipka, Mobility Lead for Action for Elders, shows how to develop lung strength and resilience to help fight infection.
Video coming soon

Seated exercises

Designed for those with limited mobility or who are recovering and rehabilitating

Our series of seated exercises need only you and a comfortable chair to participate in. They will bring you a step closer to exercising standing up, or will help you in their own right.

Exercise for wellbeing

One of the great joys of exercise is the effect it has on our wellbeing as a whole

Anxiety and mental illness can come with isolation and loneliness in old age.

The exercises in this group are designed to encourage you to move, to forget your problems in exercise and to release the endorphins that help you to feel less anxious and more positive.

Balanced Lives & better health

Chris Hoare on how the Balanced Lives programme can give you 10 ways to better health

Beating the isolation blues - part one

Chris Hoare talks about we can beat the isolation blues and improve our mental health

Beating the isolation blues - part two

Chris Hoare talks about how mindfulness can help all of us to ease the blues of isolation.

Beating the isolation blues - part three

Chris Hoare talks about a practical approach to overcoming the isolation blues.


Keeping mobile in older age can be a challenge.

We all know the positive benefits of mobility on our sense of wellbeing and mood, as well as our ability to get about and do things for ourselves.

The specialist exercises are designed to help your sense of balance and your flexibility across your body. They can be practised by anyone of any age, but are gently paced to help recovery and to increase your strength and mobility.

Balanced Lives & better health

Betty Sutherland, Action for Elders Mobility Teacher shows how to improve mobility and control body movement in this 5-minute video on helping you to gain strength and mobility for walking.

Improving Joint Mobility

Betty Sutherland, Action For Elders Mobility Teacher presents a full Balanced Lives programme on how to improve joint mobility and build core strength in this easy to follow video.

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